The Latchstring Inn

Historical Dining in Spearfish Canyon

100 Years of Excellent Service

Guests have been enjoying the great food and hospitality at the Latchstring Inn for over 100 years. Prospectors, settlers, and fortune seekers flocked to the Black Hills area during the Gold Rush of 1876, while Spearfish Canyon was still accessible only by mule and horse.

Deadwood to Spearfish Railroad

The public began to realize the unique beauty of Spearfish Canyon 17 years later at the completion of the Deadwood to Spearfish Railroad. An office of the sawmill that initially occupied the site of the Latchstring today became the first guest room of a small log inn named Glendoris.

1909: The Latchstring is Named

In 1909 it was purchased by two ladies from Iowa and renamed The Latchstring, after its old latchstring-operated door that many visitors passed through. The Latchstring Inn became a rustic landmark for its warm hospitality, good food, and dazzling scenery.

Enjoy Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

These days the Spearfish Canyon Scenic Byway follows the route of the railroad before it, delivering the same natural wonder travelers have enjoyed for years. Today the Latchstring is open year-round and offers some of the best breakfast, lunch, and dinner in the Black Hills.

Traditional Hospitality Lives on

Our local chefs mix the best fare with plenty of flair and creativity. The original spirit of the Latchstring hospitality has endured and we are proud to carry on that tradition today.