Must have SPA Getaway!


Pamper yourself with a spa day through Spearfish Canyon Lodge.I know what you’re thinking, “The only thing that could make a stay at Spearfish Canyon Lodge better is a masseuse that would come to my room. Maybe with champagne and chocolate covered strawberries.” First, I like your style. I don’t think there’s a day anywhere that couldn’t be improved with any or all of those things. It’s true that we don’t have an in-house spa (although the front desk can get you the names of masseurs in our area who sometimes make “house calls”) but we’ve got some great spa options in both Spearfish and Deadwood that make a great day trip away from our cozy lobby couch.

Akela Spa in Deadwood is one such getaway, and possibly my favorite. The signature Akela Hante Massage should probably just be renamed “Heaven”.

The cedar oil used is the most relaxing scent and they will customize the massage to your needs. Or find your peace with the I Rejoice Body Polish – skin so smooth I thought I would be slipping off chairs.Double down for a day of relaxation with a turquoise sage body scrub and massage. And then what could be better than coming back to the serenity of Spearfish Canyon after an entire day devoted to calming you? Pampering is good for the soul, ladies (and gentleman)!

Sometimes it can be hard to spend money on just ourselves,even if it’s not a problem financially. It can feel frivolous or silly – but honestly some “me time” can benefit you in ways that we don’t even consider. Ever snapped at someone simply because you are tired? A nice snooze during a pedicure will fix that right up! Spend all afternoon thinking about throwing on a fake mustache, buying a plane ticket to Cancun and never coming back? The relaxation of the outdoor sauna in between your hot stone massage and your body scrub is like its own vacation! Being tired or stressed is not your best you. So next time you find a $20.00 while you’re doing the laundry put it in your spa jar instead of your chocolate/shoes/TJ Maxx jar. You’ll be glad you did!

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