Project: Time Off!

Project Time Off

Take a vacation to Spearfish Canyon in the Black Hills.
I’m willing to bet many of you haven’t heard of Project: Time Off. It’s an initiative that aims to shift our cultural perspective about taking vacation and personal days from a frivolous option to a necessary investment. When you read that it probably sounds like the teacher from Charlie Brown in your head. Well, here’s something from their research that will probably grab your attention – As a collective group we as Americans leave 169 million PAID vacation days on the table each year.

That’s right – 169 MILLION PAID DAYS.

I’ll just leave that there for a minute and let it soak in.

These are not days that rolled over into the next year or were paid out in that last check. These are days that we gave back to our companies and said, “No, thank you. I think I’d rather just spend that day in the office. You know, for free. I’ll go do something fun some other
lifetime.” Project: Time Off and the US Travel Association explain this whole phenomenon far better than I ever could on their website and their blog but rest assured a lot of research is being conducted on how we can fix our work martyr problem and get people out and about.

Sure, this is a problem we’d love to solve because we want every single one of you to spend one of those nights in Spearfish Canyon wink But it’s important for more reasons than that. Heck, you can spend your day at home or at a local park or in the nursing home just hanging out with Aunt Deloris. The point is that we all need to start to #TakeADay. And no one is more guilty of leaving those days unused than people in the tourism industry.

So I’m leading by example! I bought a plane ticket and made Idaho my home for the weekend … and I had a blast. I camped, I drove, (and drove and drove and drove. Y’all, there is a LOT of Idaho. It’s huge!) I saw a movie, I frolicked like a child in the natural hot springs, I ate, (and ate and ate and ate. Y’all, there is more to Idaho cuisine than the potato!) and most importantly, I breathed in and out and remembered that I am just a little part of this very big world and I need to spend more time enjoying all there is in it!

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