Mountain Biking in Spearfish Canyon

Spring | Summer | Fall

Head out the front door of Spearfish Canyon Lodge and enjoy miles upon miles of beautiful mountain biking trails in Spearfish Canyon and beyond.

Mountain Biking in Spearfish Canyon

Amazing Trails

Whether you are a beginner looking for an easy ride or an experienced rider searching for some challenging single track, you will discover the perfect trail in the Black Hills. The summer and spring months are perfect for riding along Spearfish Creek and exploring the Black Hills National Forest. 

Local Races & Rides

Don’t miss out on popular local loops like Old Baldy and Crow Peak, or head over to Deadwood and hop on the Mickelson Trail. Looking for a great mountain bike event? The Dakota Five-0 is an annual 50-mile race that runs alongside beautiful Spearfish Canyon.

Mountain Biking


Love the winter months? Fat bikes (or fat-tire bikes) have become really popular in Spearfish Canyon over the years, and today you can jump on miles of groomed trails right from Spearfish Canyon Lodge. Fat bikes are also great for handling more difficult terrain.

Bike Rental Options

Regardless of where you ride near the Canyon, you won’t be disappointed with the gorgeous views and the variety of trails. Don’t have your own bike? No problem! You can rent a fat bike from our Spearfish Canyon Rental Center.